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Default Editing career mod
I could't find my answer anywhere so I'm trying in here, though I'm not sure if it's the right place. If not I apologise in advance.

My issue is as follows. I want to edit rabbit hole choice in Missy Hissy's lawyer career mod. So I open it in notepad to change police station to city hall and when I save it and go back to package editor and there is no change visible and no option to save a S3PE file. I have no idea about basic script writing and I was just following tutorials on creating a custom career but I'm experiencing this obstacle when I'm editing an already existing one. Any help with that?
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I don't profess to be an expert on this but I have done this sort of thing before with some careers.

With the lawyer career you need to edit the Lawyer.Careers XML file, which is located second line from the bottom. To do that select it, click on the resources tab and open it with Notepad, or some other text editor.

Scroll down the list until you come to this line.


You must change 'PoliceStation' to 'CityHall' (make sure you don't change anything else) and then save it. Then you'll be asked if you want to 'commit' changes, and you do. You should then see that the old Lawyer.Careers - XML line has been crossed out and a new one added at the end. When you close S3PE you'll be asked if you want to save changes and again you do. And that ought to be it.

My apologies if you already knew all this and have tried it without success, but I just tried it out myself and it worked for me. If it is not working the way I described you might try re-installing S3PE .

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